About Dayn Advisory

MissionTo be the most client-focused advisor on mortgage, FINANCING and real estate strategies and provide unbiased advice with integrity.

VISION: To be the go-to relationship-based advisor that provides one-stop holistic solutions to effectively manage interest-bearing liabilities

Values and Philosophy






Our aspiration is to connect with clients and partners who we can share together the philosophy of “Ubuntu”.

Ubuntu is an indigenous-African term meaning “humanity”.

It’s philosophical sense means “the belief in a universal bond of  sharing that connects all humanity.”

Everyone has different skills and strengths; people are not isolated. We are all inter-connected and through mutual support we can help each other to complete ourselves and winning together.

Our organization and advisors advocates adopting the following characteristics:

  • Knowledge – On-going knowledge building in order to advise clients professionally
  • Attitudes – Develop positive mind set & identify empathy in relationship building
  • Skills – Balance both technical and soft skills to build a solid advisory business
  • Habits – Develop good habits of effective actions to maintain excellent performance

This would ensure that we provide the best possible outcome for our clients, thus effectively building a foundation of trust that can be rewarding for all parties.

The Team

Shamir Wahid (Sham)

Shamir Wahid (Sham)

Founder & Managing Partner

CEA: R057727A | License No.: L3002382K | Hp: +65 8855 8822

Shamir has more than 8 years of banking experience across various areas in Retail, Corporate and Private banking (including Islamic finance) for one of the largest banks in Southeast Asia. In Corporate Banking, he was involved in structuring loan transactions for real estate developers and REITs. He also worked with private bankers to provide credit solutions to their high net worth clients.

“The real estate industry is very dynamic. Macro and micro economic events, rules, regulations, interest rates may change anytime which in turn affect the property market cycles. Dayn Advisory is here to help our clients navigate these changes so that they are well-positioned to be one step ahead in using mortgages effectively in their real estate purchases, managing their cashflows and realizing returns on their real estate investments.”

Shamir has a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in  Accounting and Finance awarded by University of London. He also has a post graduate Diploma in Islamic Banking and Finance awarded by International Islamic University of Malaysia.

Shamir is also a licensed real estate salesperson with ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd.

Armen’s professional background is based in the creative industry. However, his interest in finance and investment was sparked in 2012 when he came across articles about the sub-prime mortgage crisis and how it almost crashed the entire world economic system.

He has since extensively read on how the economy works. He has also previously operated a gold and silver investing business.  In fact, he credits his background in the creative industry as allowing him to be able to digest the “boring” aspect of finance easily, and seeks to use his skills to communicate others on economic literacy.

“There’s just not enough financial literacy nor education in the community; which is amusing considering that money is something all of us use every day. We know how to use money, but we don’t know what makes it work the way it works. Much less about how to make it work for us.

Armen is currently the Dayn Advisory’s Business Operations Manager. He still sees himself as a novice of financial world, however, and hopes to acquire a certificate in financial studies one day.

Armen R Rahman

Armen R Rahman

Business Operations Manager

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